Tinker-Time: Juniper Adventures

Follow the Map

August 11, 2021 Michael J Tinker Season 1 Episode 6
Tinker-Time: Juniper Adventures
Follow the Map
Show Notes

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Archibald sits in for Michael in this episode and introduces a new segment - Did you know? where Archibald shares some incredible facts about the world... and the one who made it.
Also, in our adventure serial, the crew find themselves in court facing some serious charges. Will Nick have his way? Or will Michael and his friends be freed? Tune in to find out what happens next in 'Mission to Dendros'.

Fun and Bible for all the family.

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Our featured song this week is 'Follow the Map' from the album 'Michael and the Topsy Turvy Kingdom' available to download from all the usual retailers (click here for a list).
You also heard parts of 'Relentless Love', 'This is Faith' and 'Everyone Seems Normal (until you know them)'.

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